"America is not BETTER by seeking to be GREAT, America is GREAT by seeking to be BETTER! Lets do BETTER!"

Thomas Ford

Director BADCON

Passionate About Inspiring Others


What can be said about this mountain that seems like we have been climbing forever? Sometimes, for many of us, the top seems so far out of reach that we dream of just seeing a peak and what that peak must be like

I can spend all day talking about the injustices happening to our black communities; but I feel that the problem has already been widely distributed. NOW is the time to talk strategy and resolutions. Raise your hand if HOME OWNERSHIP is at the TOP of your list  

when it comes to YOUR American Dream. Although I would love to own a home, but paying my bills and taking care of my family comes to the top of my list of  my American Dream. Another dream of mine is to be able to walk down the street and see a police office without fear. With America only being as strong as its weakest people, would it not be logical to build on all America?  We are dedicated to providing a path to your American Dream by providing needed information on on how you can create and sustain your American Dreams based on YOUR needs. 


It is time we build on OUR America. Its time we GROW as an American. Because WE TOO SING AMERICAN! 

We help build path ways for Black Americans to grow. 

Each one of us has some ideas on what we want to do with our lives; but do not always know how to get there. BADC is your dedicated recourse center. Dedicated to helping Black Americans accomplish their American Dream by provide a clear and precise path ways making the unreachable, Reachable. 

Although there are SO many resources available it is hard to know where to start or what is truly helpful. Most cost money and non never grantees results. We provide direction based on your abilities which makes life altering tasks easier to accomplish. Are you ready to have a better life? 


Become a member and watch how you grow!